Including an adventure activity into your private family trip to Peru is a must. Sure to thrill, excite, and bring the brood even closer together, the following family-approved active adventures include something for every level of daredevil. From kayaking to sand boarding down massive desert dunes, take your pick from these thrilling family adventure activities.



If you want to hear the kids screech and yell (with delight, of course), sign the whole family up for a dune buggy tour around the desert-like Ica-Huacachina region as part of your Peru family trip. An experienced driver will whiz you and the kids around the sandy terrain, racing up and down some the biggest sand dunes in the world, and allowing you to see parts of the desert that are inaccessible except by four-wheel drive. If your little darlings can’t stomach high speed, don’t worry; your private driver will be happy to slow down at your request.

Another great way to traverse the otherworldly desert terrain here is to try sand boarding with the family. This activity is a lot like snowboarding – only without the icy conditions! A guide will walk you and your family through the process: first, you’ll fly down the dune on your stomach and, when you’re feeling a little more comfortable, you can attempt to stand up as you rocket downhill. This exciting activity will go down a treat with miniature daredevils.

As the premier travel agent in Peru, we know the best spots for dune buggying and sand boarding – namely the gigantic dunes surrounding Huacachina Lake – and can help you get to them as part of your family tour of Peru. After, return for food and lodging near the lake, which is literally an oasis in the desert. Kids will love to hear tales about the mermaid who is said to live in this lake; rumor has it she sometimes shows herself to special visitors.



At Pacha Perú, we know that the biggest challenge of family vacations can be keeping children active and entertained. If you’ve got some particularly high-energy kids in your bunch, why not arrange something really adventurous? We suggest zip-lining or perhaps even a via ferrata – a kind of special mountain climbing course equipped with cables, bridges, ladders and even metal rungs.

If your family is after an adrenaline rush, arrange for the whole crew to go zip-lining. This exhilarating activity requires you to give yourself over to gravity as you speed down sloping cables via a pulley. Safety is paramount and all participants wear protective gear. If you aren’t too terrified, you may even be able to take a moment while you’re flying through the air to appreciate the amazing views you’ll have over dense jungle canopies and sheer Andean cliffs.

Completing a via ferrata during your family tour of Peru is another fabulous activity that is sure to cause pulses to race. These pre-determined rock-climbing courses take place on cliff-sides, which are fitted with special equipment, thus allowing inexperienced climbers to access mountain routes they could never otherwise complete. As you make your way around the course, you’ll be secured to a metal cable for your safety, ensuring you arrive at the cliff-top in one undamaged piece.

Looking for a new adventure for your family trip to Peru? Get in touch with Pacha Perú; we’ll help you plan your next death-defying escapade.



Families are the ultimate team, but as most of us can attest, even the best teams need to practice their teamwork to ensure they are at the top of their game. And if that teamwork exercise also happens to be fun, all the better. Gather your loved one for a wet and wild group challenging that involves navigating the rapids of the Apurimac River in Peru’s Sacred Valley. This river offers rapids that range from a manageable Class I all the way up to a much more intimidating Class V as well as sensational scenery (think sheer cliff walls looming from the water’s shores).

If that all sounds like it might be a little much for your little ones, or indeed for you, try a gentler watery excursion – either jungle rafting or kayaking – in the Tambopata region. The waters here are calmer, but that’s not to say there won’t be thrills: there’s a good chance you’ll spot some jungle critters hanging about the shore. And the teamwork element will still be at play; the kids will have to cooperate with their fellow rafters to safely navigate the waters.

Ask Pacha Perú to plan a rafting or kayaking adventure as part of your Peru family trip. This experience is sure to remind kids that when it comes to genuine, heart-pounding adventure, the real world trumps the virtual one every time.



Cycling is one of the best ways to explore with children. Not only does it give them a sense of freedom but it also allows them to experience a new place at a pace that suits them. Kuoda can arrange cycling tours around several locations as part of Peru family trips. Rally together your gang for a ride around the Colca Canyon trails where you can descend into this staggeringly deep ravine or cruise amid the looming Andes Mountain in the wonderfully scenic Sacred Valley. Families might also want to tackle the mountain trails of Callejón de Huaylas in Ancash or tour the Manú jungle by two wheels where you might be able to spy birds and nimble monkeys leaping between the branches as you cruise along.

In addition to being a great bonding experience for the entire family, family cycling tours have another upside for adults: after a day of pedaling, the kids are bound to be tired, meaning bedtime will be a breeze that night. So whether you want a casual morning or afternoon’s cycle or a challenging long-distant route, Pacha Perú Explorers will be happy to help you find the best biking option for your family trip to Peru.



Does your family have a thirst for aerial adventure? Few things can match the rush of running off a high coastal cliff, flying above Lima’s Costa Verde and drifting down to the beach on a paraglider. Pacha Perú can arrange for you and your loved ones to try paragliding during your Peru family tour. Several reputable companies located around Raimondi Park near Miraflores offer the service, and use regulation approved safety gear and expert instructors. If you harbor a tiny fear of flying, it may come as some comfort to hear that you won’t do it alone: beginners fly in tandem with an instructor tethered behind them.

If fear isn’t a word you or your family members are familiar with, you may want to try an even more exhilarating paragliding ride in the mountainous Cordillera Blanca of Peru’s Ancash region. Paragliding over the Callejón de Huaylas valley is a journey many regard to be the “holy grail” of the sport, though it is only suitable for seasoned paragliders.

These aren’t the only paragliding options available on Pacha Perú ’s family tours to Peru. We can also arrange paragliding experiences in other locations, including the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Some companies have age restrictions so it’s best to check that all members of your family will be eligible in advance of booking. Get in touch with Pacha Perú who can advise you on the best paragliding excursion to undertake during your personalized trip to Peru.



Peru’s most prized horse breed, the Peruvian paso is known for its defining feature: a smooth lateral gait. This also happens to make riding one a dream: they are comfortable and cooperative, making them a particularly good steed for novice young riders. Saddle up in the morning, afternoon or even at night for a moonlit family trek and keep pace on a gentle, three-hour riding adventure through the stunning Andean hills. You’ll learn about the archaeological gems of Q’enqo, Pucapucara, Tambomachay and Sacsayhuaman, and see the world in a way that many riders claim to be the most satisfying: from the back of a horse.