Ever looked up at a bird’s nest and wondered what kind of perspective that high position grants them of the world below? Well, from the Skylodge Adventure Suites located 400 meters up the Via Ferrata in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, you will have your chance to grasp that hatchling’s exclusive understanding of the world!
Branded the first ever-hanging lodge in the world in 2013, Natura Vive’s three translucent pods, fashioned to the vertical rock face by 12 anchors apiece, provide an unparalleled view of where mountains meet sky. To get there, you must climb those 400 meters supported by a sturdy harness that connects to a steel cable and iron rungs. Once inside your octagonal nest made of aerospace aluminum and weather-resistant polycarbonate, you will discover instant comfort in the plush beds and minimal décor. For dinner, your guide will heat up a gourmet meal that was carted up the mountain with you. When sleep finally comes, you will feel cradled by a thick blanket of stars above and hidden from life below!

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