Savoring Peru’s Culinary Treasures

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Experience the flavors of a personalized gastronomic tour of Peru


Peruvian cuisine has been made famous by the likes of world-renowned Peruvian chefs Gaston Acurio and Virgilio Martinez, and in recent memory Peru has been consistently ranked as one of the top culinary destinations the world over. Let the flavors of Peru speak for themselves in this private, customized journey for your taste buds. From dining at some of the restaurants voted best in the world, to trying your hosts’ Grandma’s family recipes, to pairing pisco with gourmet hours d’oeuvres, come prepared with an open mind and a hefty appetite! Do you fancy sampling the local delicacy “cuy” (guinea pig), marveling at giant-kernelled Incan corn, digging into a feast fresh from an earthen oven, or trying your own hand at flambéing “Lomo Saltado”? If so, we invite you to come with us to savor Peru’s culinary delights on a once-in-a-lifetime gastronomical tour. ¡Buen Provecho!


Our staff handpicks the best hotels in the country to ensure you get comfort and character.
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