Volunteering During Your Peru Adventure

Imagine growing up in an isolated Andean community where your parents speak a dying Quechua language and your schoolwork often comes second to the more practical tasks at hand, like farming and familial chores.

In 2012, Pacha Peru Explorers Founder Javier Paucar, stumbled upon just such a community in the Sacred Valley beyond Cusco. Recognizing both a need and an opportunity, he makes social projects to provide the children of this community with the chance to empower themselves through education.

Today, more than two-thirds of the community’s school-aged children visit the Andean Children’s Learning Center for after-school educational support and mentorship and a host of Pacha Perú travelers have experienced the joy of volunteering their time to support these students on their educational journeys, many of whom will be the first in their family to go on to high school and university.

Including an experience like volunteering at the Andean Children’s Learning Center is an opportunity to enrich and add meaning to your journey in Peru. It opens doors to cultural exchange and authentic connection with locals, while simultaneously broadening perspectives and fostering deeper understandings of the places you travel.

As with all Pacha Perú Explorers itineraries, we piece your Peru itinerary together based on your needs, time constraints, and unique preferences. Whether a volunteer experience in Peru is your sole focus for traveling or if it’s just one of many meaningful experiences you wish to have during your time in Peru, our Pacha Perú Explorers designers will put together a customized Peru itinerary to meet your every requirement.

For more information about Pacha Perú Explorers’s philanthropy projects, please visit

We invite you to learn more about our Andean initiatives. If you’re keen to get an even closer look at our projects, you can experience them first-hand and perhaps even participate in the activities – just let us know and we’ll work it into your itinerary. Visits to this community have proved particularly rewarding, with one client sharing the following thought: “After this experience, my children seemed to understand much more about community and sharing than before. My husband and I ended up wondering just who was helping whom.”


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Should you wish to include an environmental conservation or social support activity in your trip, just contact us.– We are always thrilled to find suitable projects, which is just another element of the Pacha Perú difference. 

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